The benefits of sending your kids to Hervey Bay child care centre

The benefits of sending your kids to Hervey Bay child care centre

A majority of new parents dread sending the children to a child care centre. This is because they are worried about separation anxiety and all the effort that they will have to put in to ensure that the child is able to ease into the day care. Despite all the efforts that parents may have to put it is actually worth sending your kids to Hervey Bay child care centre.

There are numerous studies which point towards the many advantages of early childhood education. When children are enrolled at a day care they are given the right environment which is essential for learning. It not only helps develop their cognitive skills but also enables their motor skills and makes them more confident.

The following are a few reasons why you should consider an early learning approach for your child.


Children follow a regular schedule at Hervey Bay child care centre

All the children at a day care follow a schedule. This means that they have a particular time for playing, napping and eating as well. The oldest children are involved in activities like story time which can help develop verbal skills and also nurture their intellectual growth. Since the children are following a structured routine the same schedule is followed till the time the go back to sleep. As a result they tend to be happier in the morning and have ample time for breakfast and to get ready. Establishing a schedule or routine my take a few weeks but it is actually worth all the time that has been invested.


Child-based curriculum

Older children are taught basics literacy skills. The care givers follow a child based curriculum which helps enhance their language and mathematics skills. Activities like pouring and beading can help strength motor skill and as a result become a prelude to developing their writing skills.

Research carried out by the National Institute of childhood health and development prove that children that attend they care have better language skill. Children attending Day Care are also better at reading and have highly development skills compared to children who have attended and informal home based child care setting.

However it is important that your child attends a well-known and reputable Day Care like the Hervey bay child care centre. It can help them learn social skills because they are interacting with other children and their care givers. When they are ready for school there are able to experience fewer adjustment difficulties and have improved emotional and cognitive development.

Children attending Day Care are used to a structured environment. Even though the child care centre does not follow the traditional school setup but try to create a similar atmosphere which is easier on your child. They have activities like Snack time and play time and the keep following similar schedule once they are going to kindergarten or grade School.

Make sure that you send your child to a reputable Hervey Bay child care centre such as Bay Explorers.


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