26 May | Former FACS worker joins national protests on Sorry Day to condemn ongoing Stolen Generations

26 May | Former FACS worker joins national protests on Sorry Day to condemn ongoing Stolen Generations

Former Family and Community Services (FACS) caseworker and delegate to the FACS NSW Aboriginal Reference Group (ARG) has joined national protests on Sorry Day to condemn, what many are calling, “the ongoing Stolen Generation”. Click here to read more. 

14 May | NIT Feature | Say NO to Continuing Stolen Generations says alliance 

National Statement marking National Sorry Day – 26 May, 2014 

Say NO to Continuing Stolen Generations; Aboriginal Control of Aboriginal Welfare; Returning children must be the priority; No forced adoptions; Support and services to prevent removals. 


We, as Aboriginal Grandparents and parents, have called protests across the country on May 26 demanding the return of our children who have been forcibly removed by child welfare agencies. Click here to read more. 

17 May | The Saturday Paper | The Next Stolen Generation | By Sam Bungey

In the tape an Aboriginal mother pleads through sobs for the chance to breastfeed her baby over the weekend. “We’ll see what we can do,” a caseworker tells her. The mother’s appeals give way to plaintive weeping as the officers’ voices grow distant. The baby’s cries grow distant, too, as the child is taken with them. The recording, made

secretly on a phone one recent Friday in a rural New South Wales home, makes plain what former prime minister Kevin Rudd said on the separation of children from their parents: “The sheer brutality of the act of physically separating a mother from her children is a deep assault on our senses and on our most elemental humanity.” Click here to read more.

10 May | Blak Douglas aka Adam Hill launches artwork to support May 26 NDA

On 10 May, Blak Douglas aka Adam Hill installed an artwork named ‘Whats up DOCS?’ in Redfern to support the demands of the National Day of Action against the ongoing Stolen Generations on May 26. Please find photographs and artist statement below. Blak Douglas also designed the poster for the NDA, also below!


Blak Douglas aka Adam Hill working on What’s up DOCS? Mixed media, 2014. In conjunction with Baru Art, Social Laneway espresso, Redfern. Photo by Claire Bornhoffen. 


What’s up DOCS?, by Blak Douglas, aka Adam Hill, mixed media, 2014. Social lane way espresso in conjunction with Baru Art and Social Laneway espresso, Redfern. Photo by Claire Bornhoffen. 


Photo by Blak Douglas.


Poster by Blak Douglas for National Day of Action.

Microsoft Word - BDstatement&biowimage.docx

Artist statement and biography.

16 April | NIT | Warning another Stolen Generation looms as Grandmothers fight to save their families

By Geoff Bagnall

Photograph by Barbara McGrady

Screen shot 2014-05-03 at 1.06.42 PM

A rally in Tamworth has once more demanded the New South Wales government stop creating a new Stolen Generation. In 2008 then Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd made his Apology to the Stolen Generations for the long policy of forced removals under a welfare system whose effects, removal of culture, removal of language are now covered by the United Nations Genocide Convention. Click here to read more.