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30 Oct | The Guardian |Scheme to avoid ‘second stolen generation’ criticised for paternalism | Bridie Jabour

Family and Community Services (Facs) NSW have established a working group in northern NSW to trial alternatives to removing children from their families, such as putting them in the care of another family member. Click here to read more.

18 Oct | Canadian Broadcasting Corporation | Indigenous perspectives from Winnipeg to Sydney | Jillian Taylor

When I walked into the Redfern aboriginal Tent Embassy, I felt like I had been here before. A sacred fire was burning, elders were gathered, there was laughter in the air, and a familiar cause. Click here to read more.

13 Oct | Finland | Ny Tid En ny stulen generation | Anna Sternfeldt 

Fram till 1970-talet omhändertog de australiensiska myndigheterna tusentals av ursprungsbefolkningens barn och placerade dem i fosterhem och institutioner. Barn som fått benämningen ”den stulna generationen”. År 2008 bad Australiens regering offentligt om ursäkt. Ändå upprepas samma sak igen. Click here to read more. 

11 Oct | Telesur TV | Indigenous Australians Campaign Against Forced Child Removals

A protest outside the parliament house in Canberra. From left to right: uncle Paul Paul Spearim, Boe Knows, Laurence Coghlan, Kumba Coombes, Graham Merritt, Lara Pullin. (activists)
The Australian Greens party and Indigenous communities could be about to team against the high rate of Indigenous child removals. Click here to read more.

12 Sept | UK Independent |Shocking footage of Australian police in riot gear removing children at ‘gunpoint’

Social services and police have been criticised in Australia after footage emerged apparently showing officers dressed in riot gear raiding a home to remove multiple children from one family. Click here to read more. 

6 July | Vice International| Indigenous Australians are Uniting Against a New Stolen Generation | Paul Gregoire

…But six years after Rudd’s speech, figures show that more Aboriginal children are being removed from their homes now than at any other time in Australian history. Indigenous community leaders are calling it a new stolen generation and will meet in Brisbane this week to coordinate their localised groups to form a national movement. Click here to read more.

 26 May | The Guardian | Sorry Day rallies call for changes to state child-protection regimes | Michael Safi

Hundreds of people rallied across Australia on National Sorry Day calling for urgent changes to state child-protection regimes, which organisers say are responsible for an “ongoing Stolen Generation”. Click here to read more.

26 May | The Guardian | Why I chose to quit my job in Aboriginal child protection | Debra Swan

Every year on National Sorry Day, events are held to remember the Stolen Generations of years gone by. This year, I will be joining protestshappening around the country to say that the forced removal of our children continues today in unacceptable numbers. In NSW, almost one in 10 Aboriginal children is in “out of home care”. I have seen the injustice, and how unfair this system is, with my own eyes. Click here to read more.

22 March | The Guardian | Another stolen generation: how Australia still wrecks Aboriginal families | By John Pilger

The mass removal of Indigenous children from their parents continues unabated – where is the outrage?  Click here to read more.

11 March | Time Magazine | Australian Child Protection Accused of Repeating Sins of ‘Stolen Generations’ | By Ian Lloyd Neubauer

While social services deny targeting Aboriginal families, the statistics of children in out-of-home care paint a disturbing picture. Click here to read more.

23 Feb | Al Jazeera |Australia’s indigenous disadvantage problem | By Zoe Holman

Rights advocates question sincerity of prime minister’s pledge to tackle aboriginal inequality. Click here to read more.

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