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Check if a group near you is part of the national network and contact them directly. Or organise with your community and start your own local Grandmothers Against Removal to join the fight! GMAR NSW’s and existing groups can offer support and lessons that they’ve learned.


Any donation, big or small, will help us keep this fire burning. All funds will go directly to campaign costs, namely travel expenses for Elders from regional areas to cities for protests and meetings. There are details below for GMAR NSW and GMAR Sydney:

Please indicate GMAR NSW or SYDNEY GMAR in the description of your deposit and send us an email so we can thank you!

Account Name: GMAR NSW

BSB number: 633 000

Account number: 153 568 613

Account Name: Sydney GMAR

BSB number: 633 000

Account number: 156 877 615

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