9 Feb | The Wire |Protesting world’s worst child removal rate | Ninah Kopel

A protest took place at parliament house today, raising serious issues facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander communities around Australia. The sit-in was a collaboration between several groups, but they shared a common goal; to voice their concerns. In NSW one in nine aboriginal and Torres Strait islander children is removed from their families. That’s the highest racial removal rate in the world. After a meeting with Indigenous affairs minister Nigel Scullion, some activists feel reassured that progress will begin. There is, however, a lot of work to be done. Click to read more. 

13 Oct | Finland | Ny Tid En ny stulen generation | Anna Sternfeldt 

The national movement against Stolen Generations reaches the press in Finland!

Fram till 1970-talet omhändertog de australiensiska myndigheterna tusentals av ursprungsbefolkningens barn och placerade dem i fosterhem och institutioner. Barn som fått benämningen ”den stulna generationen”. År 2008 bad Australiens regering offentligt om ursäkt. Ändå upprepas samma sak igen. Click here to read more.