26 May 2016| NITV News| Calls for independent review of Indigenous children in care| Ella Archibald-Binge

aunty-hazel-26 May 2016

Today, grass roots movement Grandmothers Against Removals (GMAR) has gathered to call for an independent review into the removal of Indigenous children.

It’s “not so much an ask, but a demand”, says GMAR founder Aunty Hazel Collins.

“The demand is that government open up the file on every child,” she says. “The direct aim is these children go home to their biological families.”

26 May 2016| 9 News| Review urged over indigenous kids in care| AAP

Grandmothers Against Removals (GMAR) held a march in Sydney on Thursday calling for an independent body to review the approximately 6500 cases of NSW Aboriginal children in out-of-home care.

26 May 2016| Echo NetDaily| Ballina grandmas protest removal of Aboriginal children| Darren Coyne

But despite the apology, NSW Greens Aboriginal Justice spokesman David Shoebridge said the removal of Aboriginal children from their homes continued.

‘Since the Bringing them Home report in 1997 the number of Aboriginal child removals has increased five-fold in NSW,’ he said.

‘Grandmothers Against Removals are rallying across the state to demand the return of their children and an end to another stolen generation.

29 Jan 2016| NITV News| Grandmothers protest against removal of children without consultation| Andrea Booth

“FACS [the NSW Department of Family and Community Services] did not engage with me or my family at all, they just took the babies.”  The grandmother expressed concern the children would lose their cultural identity.

“They haven’t placed them with an Indigenous family,” she said. “They haven’t rang me. I’m a foster mother, so why should I have to go and fill new forms to take my children home.” Click to read more.

29 JAN 2016| SBS World News| Grandmothers Against Removals storm child protection agency

“Protesters have stormed a child protection agency building, angry over the number of Aboriginal children taken from their homes and placed in foster care.The group Grandmothers Against Removals say the children are at times taken without warning, and have demanded a better government response. NITV reports.

29 JAN 2016| The Wire| Interview: Paddy Gibson and the Stop Stolen Generations movement| Lillian Hanly

Paddy Gibson: “The removals of Aboriginal children now really is the same as it was in the 1930’s. Although it is dressed up in a more formal bureaucratic language now, the dynamic is outright colonialism.” Click here to listen.

13 Feb | ABC AM | More Aboriginal children being removed from their homes than ever before | Michael Edwards

MICHAEL BRISSENDEN: It’s been seven years today since prime minister Kevin Rudd apologised to the Stolen Generations. But the reality is day-to-day life hasn’t improved much for many Aborigines, especially children. Click here to read more. 

12 Feb | ABC Radio National | The increase in Indigenous child removals | Natasha Mitchell

There’s been a sharp rise in the number of indigenous children being placed in out of home care. Indigenous “Grandmothers against Removals” are demanding a national reunification scheme for children and their families and an independent review of the welfare policies driving these statistics. The grandmothers say we’re in danger of creating another stolen generation. So can we reduce child removals while at the same time acting in the best interests of indigenous children? Click here to read more. 

12 Feb | ABC | ‘Give back our children’, Aboriginal grandmother says | Emma Sleathe

An Aboriginal woman living in Alice Springs says the NT government had ‘no right’ to remove children from her care.

Sitting under a shady tree in her front yard, Rose (not her real name) speaks quietly, but does not falter.

“They’re taking a lot of kids from us,” she said. Click here to read more. 

9 Feb | New Matilda | They Came For The Abbott Spill, And Missed The Only Real Story In Town | Amy McQuire 

Debra Swan, who worked in child protection in NSW for 13 years before she quit after her sister’s grandchildren were removed, told New Matilda it wasn’t a new Stolen Generations.

“The Stolen Generations never stopped. It’s a continuation. They just changed the language of it.” Click here to read more. 

9 Feb | The Wire |Protesting world’s worst child removal rate | Ninah Kopel

A protest took place at parliament house today, raising serious issues facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander communities around Australia. The sit-in was a collaboration between several groups, but they shared a common goal; to voice their concerns. In NSW one in nine aboriginal and Torres Strait islander children is removed from their families. That’s the highest racial removal rate in the world. After a meeting with Indigenous affairs minister Nigel Scullion, some activists feel reassured that progress will begin. There is, however, a lot of work to be done. Click to read more. 

6 Feb | NIRS | Family rights advocates to head to Canberra for protest | Cassandra Tim

The National Sovereign Grannies Group is calling for support as the removal rates of our kids from family increase.

Click here to read more. 

10 Dec | NITV News | UN Human Rights Day Special feat. GMAR | Danny Teece Johnson

10 Nov | ABC |G20: Indigenous protesters rally in Brisbane CBD ahead of leaders’ summit | Louisa Rebgetz

About 100 people gathered in Brisbane ahead of the G20 leaders’ summit to protest against the treatment of Indigenous Australians. The group converged on Roma Street in the CBD this morning, with many draped in Aboriginal flags and holding placards. Click here to read more. 

30 Oct | ABC News | Grandmothers unite to stop another stolen generation of Aboriginal children | Joanna Woodburn

The New South Wales Department of Family and Community Services has agreed to work with Aboriginal elders to curb the rising number of Aboriginal children who are forcibly removed from their families. Click here to read more.

27 Oct | NITV News & SBS World News | Grandfather of Aboriginal child removed speaks out | Tara Callinan

Yet another harrowing child removal case has emerged in Sydney, revealed by NITV News. Click here to see more.

23 Oct | NITV News | Concerns about a new stolen generaton – what is the law? | Natalie Ahmat

NITV’s Natalie Ahmat speaks with solicitor Cheryl Orr about the legalities of child removal, particularly in New South Wales.

23 Oct | NITV News & SBS World News | ‘My heart is aching’: NSW mother battles to get her child back | Danny Teece Johnson

A New South Wales woman who had her newborn son taken from her shortly after he was born says she has no idea where he is despite spending the past eight years battling to bring him home. Click here to read more.

9 Oct | ABC News | Grandmothers Against Removal warns of ‘another stolen generation’ | Will Ockenden

The removal of thousands of Aboriginal children from their families has forced crisis meetings between the NSW State Government and Indigenous elders. The group Grandmothers Against Removal has met with the NSW Department of Family and Community Services to request the Aboriginal community be consulted before any removals take place. Click here to listen.

9 Oct | Northern Daily Leader | Demand for talks on ‘stolen children’ | By Erin Handley

GENERATIONAL PROTEST: NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge and Grandmothers Against Removals NSW founding member Aunty Hazel after a meeting with Tamworth Family and Community Services. Photo: Gareth Gardner 081014GGC01

IMPASSIONED locals converged at the Tamworth Family and Community Services (FACS) centre yesterday to demand answers about the continued removal of indigenous children from their families. Click here to read more.

8 Oct | Prime Seven News | Families speak out Against Stolen Generations


8 Oct | SBS World News | Grandmothers fight against another Stolen Generation | Jessica Rich

8 Oct | NITV News | Grandmothers fight against forced removal of Aboriginal children | Danny Teece Johnson

22 Sept | NITV | Greens push for inquiry into the use of riot police in the removal of Aboriginal children

NITV News continues to follow the story of a family in Moree who had 8 children removed from their care in January. Click here to see more. 

19 Sept | SBS & NITV | Forum targets staggering number of Aboriginal kids in care

A forum has been held in Sydney to address the high numbers of Aboriginal children living in out-of-home care. Click here to read more. 

18 Sept | NITV | “Still Stolen” forum addresses Aboriginal child removals 

Indigenous activists will join the fight to prevent – what they describe as “another generation of forced child removal” in Sydney tonight. Click here to see more. 

17 Sept | NITV | Dad Of Removed Children Speaks – Part 2

While Police dispute the family’s version of events – in particular relating to the use of firearms – the father told Malarndirri McCarthy in part 2 of her in depth interview with him recently, that he is yet to receive an explanation for the removal and that he wants an apology for the trauma inflicted on his family.

17 Sept | NITV | Abbott Sidesteps Questions on Moree Incident

NITV News Political Correspondent Myles Morgan is traveling with the Prime Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Tony Abbott. Today – he took the opportunity to ask Mr Abbott about the Moree incident and the use of helmeted OSG officers in the removal of children. Click here to see more. 

16 Sept | NITV | Grandmother calls for moratorium on use of police in removing Aboriginal children from families

The Grandmothers Against Removals group has called for a moratorium on the use of police in the removal of Aboriginal children from their families. Click here to see more. 

16 Sept | NITV | NSW police deny guns were drawn on Moree family while Greens & Labor call for an investigation

New South Wales Police have moved to clarify the details of an operation in which officers assisted Family and Community Services in the removal of children from a family in Moree in January. Click here to see more. 

15 Sept | NITV | Dad of removed children talks on NITV News to Malarndirri McCarthy 

On Friday, NITV news aired exclusive footage featuring police in riot gear assisting the Department of Family and Community Services in the removal of “at risk” Aboriginal children from a home in Moree in January. Click here to read more. 

12 Sept | NITV | Grannies Against Removals of Aboriginal kids

Members of the Brisbane chapter of the national Grandmothers Against Removals group meets every week to draw up battle plans against what they call, the second stolen generation. Click here to see more. 

12 Sept | NITV News & SBS World News | Police in riot gear removing Aboriginal children at ‘gunpoint’

This is National Child Protection week, promoting awareness and understanding of the importance of primary prevention to reduce child abuse and neglect in Australia. Last year, over 35-thousand Australian kids were proven to have been abused or neglected. NITV News takes a closer look at the process in which children are often removed… Click here to see more.

11 Sep | ABC | Aboriginal children removed from home ‘at gunpoint’ by heavily armed police, Greens say | By Tim Lamacraft

Heavily armed police were used to remove Aboriginal children from their home “at gunpoint”, the New South Wales Greens say. Click here to read more. 

4 Sept | ABC | Moree meeting discusses child removal problems

A former Moree community services worker says the Department of Family and CommunityServices needs to change the way it interacts with Aboriginal families.  Click here to read more. 

19 Jul | Green Left Weekly | Aboriginal communities say ‘We’re taking back our land and children’ | Dominic Hale

Aboriginal communities from across Australia met in Brisbane on July 11 to attend a day of protest and planning against the ongoing removal of children from Aboriginal familiesClick here to read more. 

2 Aug | | Australia in the grip of a ‘new stolen generation’, indigenous children forcibly removed from homes | By Matt Young

THE rate of indigenous children being taken from their families has become so rife, more are being removed today than at any other time in Australia’s sordid colonial history. Click here to read more. 

6 July | Vice International| Indigenous Australians are Uniting Against a New Stolen Generation | Paul Gregoire

In February 2008 the then Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, issued a public apology to the Indigenous peoples of Australia. The apology acknowledged the policies of successive federal and state governments that led to the Stolen Generation—tens of thousands of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children forcibly removed from their homes and placed in out-of-home care from the late 1800s right up to the 1970s.

But six years after Rudd’s speech, figures show that more Aboriginal children are being removed from their homes now than at any other time in Australian history. Indigenous community leaders are calling it a new stolen generation and will meet in Brisbane this week to coordinate their localised groups to form a national movement. Click here to read more.

24 June | Living Black Special on Stolen Generations

Featuring Aunty Hazel (Grandmothers Against Removals), Aunty Karen Fusi (Brisbane Sovereign Aboriginal Embassy), Aunty Debra Swan (Former FACS worker), Aunty Jenny Munro (Sydney Aboriginal Tent Embassy), Uncle Albert Hartnett, Adam Hill and more!! See the program below or click here to read more. 


5 June | City Hub | Another stolen generation as forced child removals increase in NSW | By Paul Gregoire

A nationwide crisis in the forced removal of Aboriginal children has been labelled as another stolen generation by many Indigenous community leaders. Click here to read more. 10506945_10152616326347704_9183526554835984583_o10448435_10152616326612704_8684700986004692081_o

27 May | NIRS |Call for country-wide class action against removal of children | By Gerry Georgatos

There’s been a call for a class action against government departments responsible for the high rates of removal of First Nations children. Click here to read more.


 26 May | ABC News | Aboriginal children in care ‘a new Stolen Generation’, UTS Indigenous researcher says

Aboriginal people who live a traditional lifestyle are being punished with the removal of their children by child protective services in what is being called a new Stolen Generation, a researcher says. Click here to read more.

26 May | NITV | Nation reflects on Stolen Generations

On the 17th Anniversary of the release of the Bringing them Home report, Indigenous families across the country held rallies to highlight their concerns of a new stolen generation. Click here to read more. 

26 May | National Nine News | Indigenous rally against forced adoptions

Aboriginal woman Sela Fusi took her own life in 2012, unable to cope with the forced removal of her two young daughters. Click here to read more. 

26 May | The Wire | Gomeroi Grandmothers warn of a new stolen generation | By Emma Lancaster

A group of grandmothers from Gunnedah in New South Wales are using the anniversary of National Sorry Day to warn of a new stolen generation. The grandmothers say Indigenous children are being removed at alarming rates, with almost 10 per cent of Indigenous children in state care. The Grandmothers Against Removal are calling for greater Indigenous control over the care and protection of Aboriginal children. Click here to listen. 

26 May | SBS World News | Sorry Day Commemorated Across The Country

25 May | Digital Journal | Sorry Day Protests: Stop taking our children | By Elke Nagy

Protests are taking place across Australia due to flawed government policies leading to the unnecessary removal of Indigenous children. Click here to read more

18 May | First Nations Telegraph | Artist behind the Stop Continuing Stolen Generation campaign


(Photograph by Kim Ramsay)

Prominent Aboriginal artist, Blak Douglas aka Adam Hill, has launched an installation in Redfern to support a National Day of Action (NDA) on Sorry Day calling for a stop to the unprecedented number of Aboriginal children being forcibly removed from their families. Click here to read more. 

17 May | The Saturday Paper | The Next Stolen Generation | By Sam Bungey

In the tape an Aboriginal mother pleads through sobs for the chance to breastfeed her baby over the weekend. “We’ll see what we can do,” a caseworker tells her. The mother’s appeals give way to plaintive weeping as the officers’ voices grow distant. The baby’s cries grow distant, too, as the child is taken with them. The recording, madesecretly on a phone one recent Friday in a rural New South Wales home, makes plain what former prime minister Kevin Rudd said on the separation of children from their parents: “The sheer brutality of the act of physically separating a mother from her children is a deep assault on our senses and on our most elemental humanity.” Click here to read more.

15 May | NITV News | Interview with Aunty Karen Fusi & Ian Curr about National Day of Action

This is an interview that Karen Fusi and Ian Curr from the Brisbane Sovereign Grannies Group did last week about Stopping the Second Stolen Generation. It supports the call for a national group to organise a National Sorry Day to demand that DOCS return the children. The interview begins at 12:30:00.

Click here to see story. 

14 May | NIT Feature | Say NO to Continuing Stolen Generations says alliance 

National Statement marking National Sorry Day – 26 May, 2014 

Say NO to Continuing Stolen Generations; Aboriginal Control of Aboriginal Welfare; Returning children must be the priority; No forced adoptions; Support and services to prevent removals. 


We, as Aboriginal Grandparents and parents, have called protests across the country on May 26 demanding the return of our children who have been forcibly removed by child welfare agencies. Click here to read more. 

16 April | NIT | Warning another Stolen Generation looms as Grandmothers fight to save their families | By Geoff Bagnall

A rally in Tamworth has once more demanded the New South Wales government stop creating a new Stolen Generation. In 2008 then Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd made his Apology to the Stolen Generations for the long policy of forced removals under a welfare system whose effects, removal of culture, removal of language are now covered by the United Nations Genocide Convention. Click here to read more.

Screen shot 2014-05-03 at 1.06.42 PM

 11 April | NIRS | Grandmothers slam NSW child protection laws | By Warren Barnsley

A group of Koori women campaigning against high rates of child removals in New South Wales has lashed new child protection legislation that recently passed. Click here to read more. 

7 April | NIRS | Grandmothers to protest NSW child protection system | By Warren Barnsley

A Brisbane-based Murri  grandmother says she’ll travel to the New South Wales town of Tamworth to support a protest against the state’s child protection system. Click here to read more.

15 Feb | The Stringer | Stolen Generations continues but worse than ever | By Gerry Georgatos

Grandmothers Against Removals was formed by NSW regional Gunnedah grandmothers who have been broken by the record number of removals by our State Governments… Click here to read more.

13 Feb | Nine News |NSW rally hears of babies ripped from arms  

Tearful grandmothers have rallied outside NSW Parliament on the anniversary of the stolen generation apology, with warnings the mistakes of the past are being repeated. Click here to read more.

13 Feb | ABC PM | Grandmothers warn of new stolen generation | By Brendan Trembath

MARK COLVIN: It’s six years since Kevin Rudd apologised for past mistreatment of Indigenous Australians, including forcibly removing children from their families. Click here to read more. 

13 Feb | NITV | Gunnedah grandmothers rally against removal of Indigenous kids | By Malandirri McCarthy

On the sixth anniversary of the Australian government’s apology to the Stolen Generations, grandmothers from Gunnedah have protested against what they say is a new generation of stolen. Click here to read more.

13 Feb | ABC News | Too many Aboriginal children in state care in NSW admits Family Services Minister Pru Goward | By Liz Foschia

The New South Wales Minister for Family and Community Services has conceded the number of Aboriginal children in care around the state is too high. Click here to read more.

13 Feb | ABC News 24 |  Interview with Aunty Hazel

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